3 Image - Roses - Photo Wraps - 20 oz. Tumbler Wraps

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Add YOUR PHOTO to the design!

We will add the images you submit to the photo spaces in the design. Please note a few key details:

  • Only submit the same number of images as shown in each design. If there are spaces for (example) 5 images, please submit 5 individual images. If there is space for 1 image, please only submit 1 image. These should all be included in the same email for faster, easier service.
  • We cannot alter or adjust any images other than resizing to fit the space. We will fit each design as perfectly as possible!
  • If we have any problems with the photos you submit, we will be sure to reach out before printing!
  • All tumbler transfers are printed at a standard size to fit 20 oz straight tumblers - 8.35" x 9.6". We can adjust the size slightly to fit your needs but please leave a note with the specific sizing during checkout. If no optional size is chosen, we will automatically ship our standard size. 
  • If you are wanting text added, you will need to add that before submission. We will print the images as received.

We offer:

  • Sublimation Transfers - for pre-coated tumblers, blanks. Any white in an image will be clear once pressed. Sublimation printers cannot print white.
  • Waterslide Transfers - Clear or White Background - Applies with water for Hard Surfaces (No Heat Application). White color in a design will only occur with a white background. If choosing a clear background, the white will be transparent.

Sublimation Transfers: Perfect for vibrant color on Sublimation Treated Tumblers. Heat Press or Oven Curing is required for transfer.

Waterslide Transfers: Choose white or clear/transparent backing - for non-porous surfaces such as candles or tumblers. Applies with water. Laser printed - no pre-treatment needed before application. Sealant coat may be applied.

Sheet Sizing Information:

  • Sized to Fit 20 oz Tumblers - straight, not tapered
  • 9.6" x 8.35"

    PLEASE NOTE: We have detailed information on sizing listed below. Please BE SURE of the size you are purchasing as we will NO LONGER be offering refunds! We are trying to provide all of the information possible on sizing to help you decide before purchase. Again, all of our images are printed to order. We will no longer be able to refund products for purchasing the wrong size.

    ALL APPLICATION GUIDELINES ARE FOR INFORMATION ONLY! We sell transfers and can answer general questions but we do not "teach" anyone how to use our transfers. They are intended for purchase by those who are already familiar with the process. Google has a wealth of information online so please watch videos or learn before attempting.