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Waterslide Transfers

Do Waterslide Transfers require a heat press?
  • Nope! No heat is used to apply the Waterslide Transfers.
What will these apply to?
  • Can be applied to tumblers, glass, metal, ceramic wear (decorative purposes), wood, furniture, candles, soap, model airplanes, die-cast cars,fishing rods, picture frames, book cover, albums, appliances, mirrors and more! These are just a few examples of where Waterslide Transfers can be used!
Are these permanent?
  • Absolutely! Once properly applied and completely dry, the Waterslide Transfers are permanent. If using on tumblers, a coating is needed due to the heat of a dishwasher cycle.
Do I have to seal the design or put a coating over it?
  • Our Waterslide Transfers are Laser Printed so they are considered permanent without sealing, UNLESS they will be placed in a dishwasher. If so, a layer of sealant is needed AFTER application.

Application Instructions:

You will need: Hair Dryer, Scissors, Lint-free Cloth

STEP 1: Cut around image with a pair of scissors or craft knife to remove excess materials.

STEP 2: Once the decal has been trimmed, place the decal into a bowl of water and leave for 30 seconds. In cold weather, use warm water. Before placing the decal onto your project, wet the surface first; this will allow the waterslide to be easily adjusted/moved.
STEP 3:  If you have soaked the decal long enough, you will be able to feel the backing paper and decal slipping. - DO NOT remove at this stage - Take the decal out of the water and place it face-up on your project. Carefully slip the decal paper slightly and attach the top corner of the decal onto the surface.

STEP 4:  Carefully slip the decal paper slightly and attach the top corner of the decal onto the surface. While holding the top corner of the decal in place, gently pull the backing of the paper away leaving the decal on the surface
STEP 5:  Once the decal has been attached to the surface, slide it around to the desired position.. Once you have the decal in the perfect spot, use a rubber scraper or lint free cloth to remove any water or air bubbles underneath. You will need to handle the decal carefully at this stage.

STEP 6:  If you leave it out to dry, the decal will fully dry in 3-4 hours. 
- If working in a cold environment or want to speed the drying process, a hair dryer can be used.

ALL APPLICATION GUIDELINES ARE FOR INFORMATION ONLY! We sell transfers and can answer general questions but we do not "teach" anyone how to use our transfers. They are intended for purchase by those who are already familiar with the process. Google has a wealth of information online so please watch videos or learn before attempting.