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Chicken Wire - Round Template Transfers for Coasters

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Round Template designs are PERFECT for coasters!

Great for:

  • Coasters
  • Jewelry, Pendents
  • Key Chains
  • and MORE!

Apply to:

  • Neoprene (our brand)
  • Acrylic Sublimation Coaster Blanks
  • MDF, Hard Wood Sublimation Blanks
  • Metal Sublimation Blanks
  • Ceramic Sublimation Blanks

Sublimation Transfers: Perfectly sized for YOUR project! Apply these to Neoprene, Hardboard, Ceramic, Metal or Acrylic Sublimation Blanks. Create amazing Coasters, Key Chains, Ornaments and MORE! All designs will be printed with a  "bleed". This is a slightly larger area so you are sure to get full, complete coverage.

Our Neoprene Coaster Blanks are 2.75" and can be purchased  here:

Sizing Information:

  • 2" and up- sold individually
  • Less than 2" - packs of two. Two of the same design will automatically ship.

We are listing a few available options for sizing but we can resize to what you need. Simply purchase the "next size up" and leave us a message during checkout. If we do not receive a message, the size purchased will automatically be shipped. It is very important to let us know the maximum size you need if it is different than the size you purchase. Also, please keep in mind, we will print all designs with "bleed" so they will always be just a tad larger to be sure you get full coverage. Don't consider that detail when determining the size you need - we only need the largest proportion size.

    PLEASE NOTE: We have detailed information on sizing. Please BE SURE of the size you are purchasing as we will NO LONGER be offering refunds! We are trying to provide all of the information possible on sizing to help you decide before purchase. Again, all of our images are printed to order. We will no longer be able to refund products for purchasing the wrong size.

    ALL APPLICATION GUIDELINES ARE FOR INFORMATION ONLY! We sell transfers and can answer general questions but we do not "teach" anyone how to use our transfers. They are intended for purchase by those who are already familiar with the process. Google has a wealth of information online so please watch videos or learn before attempting.