FOREVER LASER DARK (No-Cut) - Laser Toner Heat Transfer Paper

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FOREVER LASER DARK (No-Cut) - Laser Toner Heat Transfer Paper

The look and feel of screen printing at a fraction of the cost!

This Self-Weeding 2-Paper-System from FOREVER gives amazing and consistent results:

Transfer white and light colors onto black, dark, and light-colored garments, including cotton, polyester, and blends, as well as paper/carton and book covers, with a Laser Printer and Forever Laser-Dark Paper. This media also works extremely well for transferring solid dark-color designs from an Oki or Color Laser Printer.


  • Transparent print media for exact positioning
  • Low processing temperature (150°C-160°C, 300°F-320°F)
  • Extremely high wash fastness due to a special top-coating
  • Higher white cover and stronger full-tone colors
  • High processing tolerance, especially when separating A&B papers
  • Suitable for OKI White Toner and CMYK Printers

How it Works:

The B sheet has a coating which adheres to toner on the A sheet. Because CMYWT printers produce white toner, the B Sheet now has something to adhere to for coverage of white and light-colored areas allowing them to be transferred.

You just print on the transparent A-Foil, press it together with the dark opaque B-Paper LowTemp and separate both sheets from each other while hot. Now, you have white coverage on the image through the B-Paper LowTemp, which does not only increase the opacity of the transfer on dark garments, but also contributes to its washability. Both steps are done at the same temperature. The application tolerances are extremely high, reducing handling errors and allowing the user high flexibility.

A Note about Adhesive:

This is a two-step paper that works great with rasterized or distressed images, anything with very fine texts or details because of the type of adhesive it has.
The FLD adhesive is a hard adhesive that only sticks wherever the toner is on the A sheet and it does this so well that you can get very fine detailed lines that most other papers can't because the adhesive would just stick between two points that are close together. When using these papers you can get designs that will last 50+ washes.


This is the transfer media on which you print your image. It holds the toner extremely well, but does not leave any residues in the copier or any background on the garment. No more guessing where the transfer is applied! The transparent foil gives precise placement on your garment. Now you can place transfer onto your textile.


The B-Paper LowTemp was developed specifically for the A-Foil. It is finely tuned to ensure optimal processing. The special coating of the B-Paper develops its adhesive power starting at 212°F (100°C), allowing a variety of different materials or surfaces to be transfer printed. This paper brings the additional opacity, which is needed for vibrant colors by transfer printing on dark garments. The white opaque coating on the sheet only sticks to the toner on the A-Foil, and performs so well that even the finest detailed designs can be handled.

Please follow instructions carefully if you aren't familiar with this paper. The results are amazing, but following the instructions are very important for success. We cannot offer refunds for application error.