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Heat Transfer Foil Application

This two step process will give you the BEST, long lasting designs!

Just like the other materials in the EasyWeed™ Family, this heat transfer adhesive has a carrier side and a material side. The carrier side is noticeably smoother and shinier than the material side.  

Step 1:

  • Cut EasyWeed adhesive on the same settings as EasyWeed Heat Transfer Vinyl. (Compatible with every vinyl cutting machine)
  • Press for 5 seconds at 305°F with medium pressure
  • Hot peel the carrier sheet. 

Step 2:

  • Position Foil on top of the Adhesive Design with the shiny side UP.
  • Cover with teflon/cover sheet and press for 
    • Time: 8-15 seconds
    • Temperature: 280-320° F / 137-160° C
    • Pressure: Medium-Firm
    • Peel: COLD 

MOST IMPORTANT PART IS TO ALWAYS ALLOW THE FOIL TO COOL COMPLETELY!! If you try to remove while warm/hot, it will lift from the adhesive.