Screen Print Transfers - $1.00!

Digital Transfers (DTF) Application

Application Guidelines for Digital Transfers (DTF)

We ask during purchase if it will be applied to a light or dark shirt. If unsure, choose the dark option. We add an additional step for dark shirts to prevent dye migration through any white areas of the design. Without this additional step, white ink applied to a black shirt will dull the white. We want the colors to be as vibrant as possible! Both types of Digital Transfers apply the same.

Super easy to apply with a heat press - COLD PEEL!

  1. Heat Press is REQUIRED
  2. Preheat garment to remove excess moisture
  3. Align transfer and cover with parchment or butcher paper
  4. Temperature: 325 degrees
  5. Time: 10-20 seconds
  6. Pressure: Heavy
  7. Allow Transfer to COOL COMPLETELY before removing clear film
  8. Lay Parchment Paper over design and repress for an additional 10 seconds to cure into shirt
  9. Wait 24 hours before washing or stretching

Trouble shooting:

Although pressing issues are uncommon, If your transfer attempts to lift when removing the clear film BE SURE IT IS COMPLETELY COOL BEFORE ATTEMPTING REMOVAL! Otherwise, you may need to increase your heat by 10 degrees, pressing time by 10 seconds or pressure. Digital Transfers are very forgiving and can tolerate a temperature or pressing time a little longer than listed. These are guidelines - you should always test with your own equipment before attempting a full project.

To complete the curing to the shirt, be sure to do a second press of 10 seconds. Covering with parchment paper or butcher paper is needed for this step.